SCENAR Therapy Case Studies ln pain Relief and Health Recovery – 2

September 4, 2020

SCENAR Pain Relief

SCENAR Therapy By Prinz and Wilfried Wank

The RITM SCENAR Device is a battery operated handheld device. Its electrode stimulates C- (nerve) – fibres through the skin and thereby releases endorphins and neuropeptides. Most people have heard about endorphins, the internally produced human morphine. It is obvious why these molecules can initiate pain relief. That neuropeptides can initiate a healing process is less understood, so let us elaborate a bit on this today. The discovery of the morphine receptor – and subsequently the endorphins – by Candice Pert [Molecules of Emotion, 2003, Scribner] in the 1990s led to a search for other receptors on human cells. The many receptors that have been found until now are on organs and organ systems as well as on nerve cells – which of course includes the brain. Quickly the corresponding peptides have been found, too. Surprisingly receptors and peptides were found everywhere in the human body. Most peptides that were thought to be specific to just one organ, e.g. angiotensin for the kidney could also connect to certain brain cells. Candice Pert prefers to call neuropeptides “informational substances”. Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are stored in the nerve cells, hence the name. They are all neuronal “signaling molecules, influence the activity of the brain in specific ways and are therefore involved in particular brain functions, like analgesia, repair, reward, food intake, learning and memory. With the release of more than 2000 neuropeptides from c-fibers through SCENAR application a new signal is sent to the brain – indicating for example that more repair needs to be done in the affected part of the body and initiating the cells to effect whatever is needed. “In SCENAR therapy the most important chemical modulators are neuropeptides. These are the main modulators of neural activity of the thin non-myelinated,’ difficult-to-excite’ C-fibers. These neuropeptides producing nerve fibers make up more than 7O%’ of. the body s neural tracts. C-fibre’s specific properties enable the production of a powerful analgesic effect, which is brought about by the release of neuropeptides, once the C-fiber is activated. The main goal of SCENAR therapy is that a maximum number of C-fibers are activated to induce the secretion of a sufficient amount of neuropeptides. This is achieved by active feedback, bipolar electric impulse and individually dosed influence. [Tarakanov AV et al (2005). Multifactor mechanism of SCENAR-analgesia. Reflexology Journal, Issue No: 3 (7), Moscow, Russia] When you need your company to have a new website or if you venture on updating your old webpage with a new look and functionality, the choices are versatile… Assuming that you will go the easy way and choose a theme for your WordPress website, the overall number of characteristics that you will need to keep in mind narrows down significantly.

Hip Pain Relief with Scenar Therapy

A 52 year old male presents with increasing pain in his right hip When walking, more so when he is carrying heavy material (works as a plumber). He is worried that he might need a hip replacement soon. At his first visit he reveals that he also has occasional chest pain Scenar pain relief and that he has a blocked coronary artery. He is under observation by a cardiologist. He then receives his first SCENAR application to the lower back and hip. After just 15 minutes of treatment he is pain free and can walk normally. The pain relief lasted for about 2 days when he returned for a second appointment. This time he is dressed in a singlet and the practitioner noticed a scar on his right shoulder. Asked about it the client reveals that he had a surgical rotator cuff repair some 9 months earlier – which he forgot to tell initially. The hip pain started around 3 months ago. As the shoulder is a reciprocal area for the hip the practitioner treated his left shoulder which reduced the hip pain from 5/10 to zero in just 5 minutes. Within 4 sessions the client had an easier use of his left arm, the range of movement increased to match the right arm. The hip was never treated again. The pain there disappeared though with the increased range of movement in the shoulder. The fifth and last SCENAR application was six months ago and the client is pain free.
“In his case we anticipate a full health recovery within the next year. The client has hired a home SCENAR device and applies the device to painful areas in between sessions”.

Late Whiplash Injury

A 42 year old presents with an array of symptoms: neck pain 8,/10, pain 9/10 in the back of his head, sensation of going’ crazy’, constant tiredness 9/10 that forced him to quit his job, muscle cramps all over his body but mainly in his back and legs without any apparent reason. He has seen several medical specialists here and abroad, undergone all sorts of treatment including massage and physiotherapy as well as alternative treatments like acupuncture, EA! bio resonance and the like. At the age of 21 years he was involved in a fist fight and got a punch to his face, that threw his head backwards. Shortly after that incident his decline in health started, spiraling downwards to a point where he felt desperate and suicidal. He has now had eleven SCENAR applications in the last two months. The pain in the back of the head is now constantly down to a level he can cope with. He has more energy, on some days he is even able to play nine holes of golf. There is still A ‘catching pain’ in his neck when he moves his head sideways. He has some pain between the shoulder blades – it feels, he says, as though his pains ‘are sliding down his spine’. He can do longer walks now, and his sleep pattern has improved. There is still a way to go. The initial results though have given him new hope and his mood has greatly improved. In his case we anticipate a full health recovery within the next year. The client has hired a home SCENAR device and applies the device to painful areas in between sessions.

Knee Pain Relief

A 73 year old male presents with neck pain and a swollen right knee. As an adult he played rugby and sustained head and neck injuries, During a game he ruptured a cruciate ligament in his left knee. This injury was repaired through surgery some twenty years ago. For five years he noticed more and more pain and swelling of his knee. Carrying heavy loads (like scuba bottles – he is an avid diver and out in the water most days, even through winter) causes more pain in the knee. Bending the knee is reduced to 90 degrees. Over three months with weekly short treatments (30 minutes) he has a better range of movement for his head. The swelling of his knee is markedly reduced and he can bend to more than 100 degrees. He also noticed that his knee was more stable than before. He comes for occasional SCENAR applications (once every 2 months) to reduce a feeling of discomfort due to light swelling in the knee. Plantar Fasciitis A seventy year old female presents with tender soles and sharp 9/I0 pains in the base joints of her toes when walking. She had the problems for more than one year. Painkillers gave her some relief with pain levels down to 5/10. After the first SCENAR application she stopped taking painkillers. She experienced’ pins and needles’ sensations in her toes which lasted only briefly . After five applications over a period of 4 weeks she was completely pain free, can wear again the shoes she liked rather than sport shoes.

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