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SCENAR Training Level 3

This third part of the Basic/Adv Professional Training for RITM SCENAR is A 3 day hands on workshop on the use of Pain Protocols and algorithms. Here you will refine various methods and application of different protocols and learn new “Condition Protocols” – helping to influence the bodies healing adaptive system via the Central Nervous System, (CNS), Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), immune, endocrine and help with various emotional systems that go along with it. Enter a world of wonders with SCENAR Level 3. Mila has over 20 years experience in Kinesiology and 15yrs in SCENAR.

SCENAR Training
SCENAR Training Professional Level 3

Essential Master Skills to Advance your Practice

We can support national and international students.

Who should come? Who have completed Level 1 training.

  • Traditional, conventional, alternative, complementary, integrative holistic, acupuncturist, holistic, sports, and medical practitioners.
  • Kinesiologists – Great foundation for adapting SCENAR D5 into your practice, using measurement of meridians with SCENAR Pro Device.
  • Anyone who is looking for a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, a quick and easy to learn pain relief therapy.


A place where you can achieve Level 3 Training

Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper use of the digital modes in SCENAR technique, and technical competency of use in the level 3 outline criteria. is below where we put emaphasis on the location of influence of SCENAR with reference to the bio feedback indications.

SCENAR Training Level 3 

What you will Learn…


Inflience with SCENAR application we can help to simulate the bodies CNS.


Inflience with SCENAR application we can help to simulate the bodies ANS.


Influence with SCENAR application we can help to simulate the bodies immune system.


With SCENAR application learn how to aid emotional support.


Learn protocols to help suport the specific systems of the endocrine.


With SCENAR application learn how to help stimulate provocation from chronic conditions..



Course Outline…

This level 3 (or Part 3) workshop is live training of the 3 modules or 3 levels of SCENAR Professional training series.  Each workshop is held over a 3 days.

In this course you will learn:

Learn in depth expertise methods of influence to stimulate the bodies,
Immune System.
Endocrine System.

Learn How to use provocation methods to produce a response from the body.  Help Improve the bodies adaptive system.  These techniques are often used to help “re-boot” or give a “kick-Start” to the bodies self healing abilities.  These can often be used also to create dynamic of change to a chronic condition.

Learn the Location of influence through the Bio Feedback observations.

As SCENAR therapy is a holistic health approach further learn what it means to treat the clients painful or uncomfortable symptoms – independent of their conventional medical diagnosis.

Note: We do not treat diseases nor do we claim to successfully eradicate illness. By focusing SCENAR therapy on uncomfortable symptoms we stimulate the body’s inert healing mechanisms – which more often than not dissolve symptoms that make a clinical, conventional diagnosis.

At the completion of Level 3 live seminar a certificate of completion of SCENAR Professional training will be given.

Once you become a Level 3 SCENAR Professional Practitioner you may extend your qualifications and knowledge by attending specialised Training Courses: Womans Health & Aesthetic, D5 Meridians, etc.


Pre-requisite: Level 2 Professional Training. 

Essential Content



M&M & Gallinea

Alternating Sympathetic

Integral Gorfinkel

Time Vector

Simple 3's

John Eric and Eric John

Integral Galina

Maria & Michael

Stereo 3's

Moulin Rouge

Mariner's Wheel

Breast Plate


Tripple Active



Stars Limb

Accelerated Zero

Nausea & Vomiting

Magic Gloves

Extended Zones

Meridian Therapy

Dynamic Cross

Christmass Tree

St Helena

St Helena

Penetrating Monade

Chakra Therapy


Liquid Electrodes

3 Zones Expanded

Active Cross



Para Sympathetic

Stars, Upper Lower

Reverse Collar Zone

Tarakanov Threes

Magic Hands

3+6 Needed Basics

Continue Your Training

After completion of the Level 3 live seminar, you may on enroll on any of the specialised courses, Sports Injuries, Woman’s Health, Aesthetics, D5 Meridians, etc.

THE ADVANCE Level 3. The usual time frame for attending Level 3 is three months after completion of Level 2.

Customers from countries where live seminars are not available please contact us below or click here.


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SCENAR Advance

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