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The Flag Ship latest versions of SCENAR BIO Feedback v2 incorporates the screening modes
for identifying optimal treatment zones. Level up your practice and abilities.

Choose from our Professional Device,
online training available

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Choose from our Personal Device,
online training available

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Choose from 3 Sizes for whole family needs, emf protection &
energy therapy Blanket

Evolution of personal SCENAR devices: from the year 2008 to 2018 SCENAR

SCENAR personal range of devices are designed for home users to manage their pain and to speed up the recovery process from acute and chronic pain, sport injury and post operative pain.

The personal devices are light, compact and can be used almost anywhere: ideal for business trips, vacations, flights and road trips.

Personal SCENAR device:

  • Relieves pain of any origin;
  • Easy to use;
  • Affordable;
  • Combines the advantages of different methods of physiotherapy;
  • Combines with traditional treatment methods;
  • Provides emergency help prior to doctor’s arrival.

The general therapeutic effect of all device models is almost similar, differencing only by additional functions and treatment options, which can provide a quicker effect, but require training on how to use them.

 Both home and professional SCENAR devices can be applied together with electrodes.

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