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We are truly dedicated to helping as many SCENAR practitioners as possible to grow their understanding and navigate successfully through their practices

Thanks to SCENAR therapy and its Technological advancement, we have advanced opportunities for a deeper regulation of our adaptation. The Goal of SCENAR therapy is to help our own body to help our body return to its original state of openness, functionality, as well as restore its general condition and get rid of specific complaints.

How to us the ULM Blankets and can we protect against EMF? Some Energetics tips based on Eastern Vedic Tradition.

With current demand to incorporate the Holistic and Energetic understanding of how we can use these principles with SCENAR Technology, Mila will explain in simple terms, how you can add another aspect of healing in your practice using the Dose 5 function of SCENAR.

Whether you have a medical background, acupuncturist, reflexologists, or simply curious, we invite you with an open mind to one of the most important D5 webinars.

Mila Godwill with a BSc Hons science background from London, over 15 years’ experience in scenar. SCENAR Trainer, and Kinesiology lecture, Studied in india the Science of Eastern Vedic wellbeing, Lecturer in eastern philosophies of well-being shares her knowledge on how she incorporates the meridians with D5.


Mila Royale Godwill BSc (Hons) GIA AJP SpDip GD
Certified RITM Trainer